Compare and Buy International Student Insurance 2023

Compare and Buy International Student Insurance 2023 if you want to study abroad at an international school or university. International Citizens Insurance offers a variety of solutions that will either meet or surpass the majority of visa insurance requirements as well as the majority of schools’ abroad student health coverage, so you can be confident you have the correct plan.

Insurance for Students Studying Abroad

Our Study Abroad Insurance Plans are intended for US citizens who are enrolled full-time in foreign schools or who are studying abroad. Make sure you have researched your alternatives for insurance coverage in either scenario. Purchasing a plan straight from one of our suppliers might enable you to get extra perks and save money. Verify the advantages, exclusions, and coverage levels of the student health insurance plan to be sure you are receiving everything you need at the best possible rate.

Global Student Insurance Plans for International Study

Our International Student Health Insurance plans are available to anyone studying in a foreign country.  You may choose to purchase a policy on your own as an alternative to the school’s plan.  Sometimes, you can lower your costs while securing a better plan when buying outside the school plan.  This often makes more sense for older students, OPT participants, married students, or students with families.

International Student Health Insurance Plan Requirements

Most universities and colleges require their students to purchase an international student health insurance plan for their enrollment period. These requirements can vary depending on your university or college and can apply to any student or dependents traveling with you as well.

Although the student insurance requirements at your school can vary, you should make sure that your health insurance plan includes at least the following benefits:

Medical Coverage for Students

Colleges and most of the time the nation you are studying in need a certain level of medical coverage from your student health insurance plan. This sum establishes the lowest amount (often a maximum) that your student medical insurance plan will cover for qualified medical expenditures.

Examine the policy’s maximum and minimum coverage for each benefit. For longer-term, more comprehensive foreign health insurance, see global health insurance policies or compare them.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Emergency evacuation is a crucial component of health insurance for overseas students. This advantage of having an insurance plan while studying abroad pays for your expenses if you are hurt or sick and the local facilities are unable to provide you with the treatment you need.

If your insurance company and the acting physician decide it’s essential, this coverage will pay for transportation to the closest institution so your illness may be adequately treated. In this case, returning home is not guaranteed by this kind of coverage unless your attending physician determines it is essential.

Repatriation of Remains

Repatriation of Remains, or the Return of Mortal Remains, provides funds in the event of your death while you are outside your home country. In an unfortunate event like this, shipping your remains to your family back home can be expensive. This benefit will provide the proper planning, logistics, and financial coverage for your family members.

Choose one of the plans below, including evacuation, repatriation, and all other benefits most schools require.

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