Kundali Bhagya Today’s Episode 7th October 2022 Written Update: Luhtra Demands Truth


As we speak’s episode of Kundali Bhagya begins with Arjun asking Preeta to let go of Rishab’s fingers. She asks why he says he has held it as they each are going to bop to the music. All of them consider that Preeta and Rishab are about to bop so they’re pressured to bop to the music. Sameer and Shrishti be a part of them together with Arjun, and the three of them dance collectively within the music adopted by Shrishti. Rishab asks if he needs to bop with him however Preeta refuses to allow them to dance and takes Rishab together with her.

Kundali Bhagya 28th September 2022 Written Update Arjun turns around in anger when Anjali says he must not forget his purpose because he might eventually go

Anjali believes that he has deliberate the dance so she must execute it. The three of them dance collectively until Shrishti lastly joins in. Mahesh joins them as nicely, however Shrishti solely notices Prithvi getting into the get together on the finish. When Sameer inquires as to the aim of her bringing him right here, she informs him about Prithvi earlier than they each flee, dragging him to a nook and masking his mouth. Arjun mentions with a smile that he did factor, to which Rishab replies that he shouldn’t do such good deeds.

Rishab then goes on to elucidate to Arjun how he might need sparked a quarrel between them each. Rakhi presents Mahesh a drink whereas he’s seated, and Karina tells the waiter to deliver a tissue for Bhai as nicely. Mahesh responds that he doesn’t perceive why she is saying this as a result of he’s sweating profusely. Karina then asks if he remembers how he claimed that she had aged however that he had truly aged due to the dance.

Dadi provides to Mahesh that he’s nonetheless like a younger boy and alerts Karina when Kritika says they shouldn’t torment her uncle as a result of he’s nonetheless very younger. Mahesh requests Maa to tell Karina so she doesn’t tease him. Rakhi assures Mahesh that every thing is OK earlier than leaving and claims that she would deliver a serviette for him as a result of he’s perspiring. Mahesh turns into irate and claims that Rakhi is just making an attempt to impress Karina.

When Rishab approaches Preeta and inquires about the way it went, she responds within the affirmative. He then asks what she needed to speak to him about, and Preeta realizes that it’s about Kavya, so she invitations him inside. When he inquires as to what Prithvi is doing, Shrishti and Sameer hurl him into the room. Keep tuned with Social Telecast for extra written updates on Kundali Bhagya.