Cosmetic surgery to look ‘prettier

Cosmetic surgery to look ‘prettier’: ‘I thought it might reduce facial hair’

Who doesn’t like to look beautiful! But if you have to undergo various procedures or surgeries to look beautiful, would you be willing to do it?

This is a question to which most people answer yes, saying that if they have the money, why not. However, there are many people who love natural beauty and stay away from all such things.

Cosmetic surgery and aesthetic procedures to look attractive were earlier used only by celebrities, but now this hobby is spreading rapidly among the common people, including a large number of Pakistanis. .

Dermatologist Dr. Kamran Qureshi says that this trend has increased in Pakistan in the last three to four years and now people of all ages and genders come to us. Some of them come to us for treatment due to their skin problems or diseases. But there are also a large number of people who want to undergo procedures that make them look more beautiful.

Cosmetic procedures trend in both men and women
Most of the people think that only women resort to these things to look attractive, but nowadays men also undergo all such procedures. Raza Munir is also among such men who have undergone various types of aesthetic and cosmetic procedures.

According to him, by the way, many people around us do this but they don’t believe. When you ask them that you have done something, they make you feel that they were born like that and whatever change has happened in them is natural.

He further claimed that most of the male models and actors undergo these procedures but common men are also not behind in this work.

Among dozens of procedures, the most popular among men is a hair transplant, which men undergo to reduce their pattern of baldness.

Muhammad Ali, who recently underwent this surgery, told Bibi that it is a painful surgery that takes about thirteen to fourteen hours. In this, the doctor implants the hair on the part of your head where the gouge occurs and it costs at least two and a half to three lakh rupees.

On the other hand, there is a trend of different types of facials, lip fillers, laser procedures, artificial eyelashes, and whitening injections among women.

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