Canadian citizens banned from coming to India

India demands action from Canada against ‘terrorists’, Canadian citizens banned from coming to India

The killing of Indian-born Canadian citizen Hardeep Singh Nagar in Canada has created diplomatic tension between the two countries, in the context of which India has demanded action from Canada against ‘terrorists’ and leaders involved in the Khalistan movement. While the Indian Embassy in Canada has suspended the process of issuing visas to Canadian citizens for India.

Indian Foreign Office Spokesperson Arndam Bagchi has answered several questions on the Canada-India tension during the weekly press conference. He said that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had discussed the issue with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the G20 meeting but his demands were rejected.

Canada on Thursday said its diplomats in India have received threats on social media.

It should be remembered that in the background of the murder of Hardeep Singh Nagar in Canada, the diplomatic dispute between India and Canada intensified when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told the Canadian Parliament that India might be involved in the murder. .

Arandam Bagchi has said that we take the Vienna Convention seriously. We will discuss this with our security agencies. We will provide them with security and support, and we expect similarly sensitive arrangements from Canada. They should also take the convention seriously.

A large number of Indian students are studying in Canada, on which Bagchi said, “For those Indian students who are there, our embassy is working so that if there is any problem, they can be contacted.”

“Our visa policy will not matter because they are Indian students.”

On India’s accusation against Canada of supporting the Khalistan movement, Bagchi said that they have a safe haven in Canada. Those accused of terrorism should not be given safe haven.

He demanded that Canada send him back to India for trial or face trial there. He said that cases have been registered against 20 such citizens and we have also demanded their return to the country.

The Indian Foreign Office spokesperson has also said that Canada has not yet shared any details regarding Najar’s murder.

He reacted to the condemnation statement by Pakistan that “Pakistan will be the last country to talk about credibility”. I don’t think anyone will take their words seriously.

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